Tokyo Shokudo is a Japanese restaurant whose aim is to bring the taste of Tokyo to Singapore. Tokyo Shokudo Menu Singapore features a wide variety of dishes, all made with high-quality and fresh ingredients. Whether you’re looking for tempura, ramen, or anything else entirely, you can surely find your liking at Tokyo Shokudo.

With 11 outlets in Singapore, the interior is decorated in a traditional Japanese style with paper lanterns and tatami mats. Whether you are in search of authentic and delicious Japanese meals or local food, Tokyo Shokudo Singapore is the perfect place for you to go.

Tokyo Shokudo Menu 2023

Tokyo Shokudo Menu Singapore can be categorized as:

  • Original Ramen 
  • Yuzu Ramen 
  • Spicy Ramen 
  • Tom Yam Ramen 
  • Tsukemen 
  • Asakusa Tendon 
  • Tempura Rice Set 
  • Rice Set 
  • Side Dish 
  • Kid’s Meal
  • Beverages

Tokyo Shokudo Original Ramen Menu

DishesPrice In S$
Chicken ChaShu Ramen9.90
Beef Shabu Ramen14.90
Scallop Ramen14.90
Duck Ramen12.90
Ebi Ramen15.90
Seafood Ramen17.90
Asari Ramen14.90
Corn Chicken ChaShu Ramen9.90

Tokyo Shokudo Menu – Yuzu Ramen 

DishesPrice In S$
Chicken ChaShu Yuzu Ramen10.90
Scallop Yuzu Ramen15.90
Ebi Yuzu Ramen16.90
Asari Yuzu Ramen15.90
Seafood Yuzu Ramen18.90

Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Spicy Ramen

DishesPrice In S$
Chicken ChaShu Spicy Ramen9.90
Beef Shabu Spicy Ramen14.90
Scallop Spicy Ramen14.90
Duck Spicy Ramen12.90
Ebi Spicy Ramen15.90
Asari Spicy Ramen14.90
Seafood Spicy Ramen17.90

Tom Yam Ramen Meals

DishesPrice In S$
Chicken ChaShu Tom Yam Ramen10.90
Seafood Tom Yam Ramen18.90
Scallop Tom Yam Ramen15.90
Ebi Tom Yam Ramen16.90
Asari Tom Yam Ramen15.90

Shokudo Tokyo Menu – Tsukemen 

DishesPrice In S$
Chicken ChaShu Tsukemen11.90
Soft Shell Crab Tsukemen18.90
Ebi Tsukemen16.90

Tokyo Shokudo Menu SG – Asakusa Tendon

DishesPrice In S$
Signature Tendon11.90
Ebi Tempura and Bee Shabu Dom11.50
Ebi Tempura & Tar Tar Fried Chicken Dom12.90

Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Tempura Rice Set Price

DishesPrice In S$
Mixed Tempura Rice Set (Ala Carte)12.90
Mixed Tempura Rice Set (Combo)14.90

Rice Set

DishesPrice In S$
Salmon Teriyaki Rice Set (Ala Carte)14.90
Salmon Teriyaki Rice Set (Combo)16.90
Salmon Shio Rice Set (Ala Carte)14.90
Salmon Shio Rice Set (Combo)16.90
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Set (Ala Carte)11.90
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Set (Combo)13.90
Saba Shio Rice Set (Ala Carte)11.90
Saba Shio Rice Set (Combo)13.90

Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Side Dish

DishesPrice In S$
Chicken Gyoza5.90
Chicken Gyoza With Okonomiyaki Sauce5.90
Fried Chicken5.90
Mixed Tempura12.90
Chicken Cha Shu Maki5.90
Butter Corn3.90
Fried Chicken Salad8.90
Soft Shell Crab Temperature11.90
Ebi Tempura 15.90

Tokyo Shokudo Kid’s Meal Menu

DishesPrice In S$
Kids Meal Chicken ChaShu Ramen (1 Piece) and Fried Chicken (2 Pieces)9.90
Kids Meal Chicken ChaShu Ramen (1 Piece)Fried Chicken (1 Piece)8.90

Beverages Price

DishesPrice In S$
Soft Drinks Coca-Cola  Sprite3.00
Houji Tea HotCold1.90
Lychee Lemon Mint Tea6.90
Lemon Tea Iced 3.00
Lychee Lemon Tea5.90
Milo IcedHot3.90
Milo Dinosaur4.90
Milo Godzilla5.90
Ice cream, Vanilla Chocolate4.90
Homemade Japanese Panna Cotta4.90

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Tokyo Shokudo is a halal-certified restaurant in Singapore, as they do not serve any meals that Muslims cannot eat. So, if you are looking for a halal Japanese restaurant in Singapore, Tokyo Shokudo is a great choice for you.

The tempura, gyudon, and ramen are the three most popular dishes at Tokyo Shokudo restaurant in Singapore. 

Udon noodles, tofu curry, and vegetable tempura are some of the famous vegetarian options at Tokyo Shokudo Menu Singapore. 

A lot of promotions are currently available at Tokyo Shokudo Singapore; a few of them are given below:

Receive S$5 return by spending $30: You will get a voucher by spending at least $30, then you can use that voucher to get $5. The voucher is acceptable at all the outlets. 

Buy 1 get 1 free: The promotion is applicable only to a few products. The promotion is not valid with other discounts or promotions.

Free delivery on orders over S$30: This promotion is valid for delivery orders only. The point to be noted here is that this promotion will not be valid with other promotions. 

Final Thoughts

Tokyo Shokudo is a Japanese restaurant in Singapore that offers a wide variety of dishes made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant has a traditional Japanese interior and if you are looking for Japanese food in Singapore, Tokyo Shokudo Singapore is a great place to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine.